January 2017

Life way way way below the surface: new creatures discovered by the Mariana Trench. 

Fish in space!

September 2016

Our incredible underground overlords. 

June 2016

In honour of Father's day: why males don't lactate

An excellent read on science. 

Is the misfolded Alzheimer's protein good for something?

Pandas suffer from a lot of gastrointestinal disease, and scientists may have discovered why. 

May 2016

The physics of sneezing.

Do trees 'sleep'? Research suggests they might. 

An animation to better  understand how old the earth really is. 

April 2016

The fireworks of fertilization: an incredible video of zinc sparks. 

Sperm whale heads explained.

Some incredible wildlife photography using trap cameras.

Songs of a feather. 

March 2016

The healing power of......poop

Best way to prevent a peanut allergy? Let them eat nuts...as babies. 

February 2016

Are parasitized humans an easy meal for cats?

Speaking of parasites, behold the horsehair worm

Beautiful photos of wildlife by Richard Bernabe. 

Schedule a science date with these cool projects

Some exciting new research on empathy in non-human animals. 

January 2016

Wondering how to keep those New Year's Resolutions? Let science help you

It seems there's not much that DOESN'T alter the microbiome

Mummified gut microbes: what they can tell us about our past. 

The hormonal cycles of men: yes, they exist. 

December 2015

Proud daddy! Watch this Seahorse give birth. 

Are you a trypophobe? Read on to find out what it is, and why 15% of people are trypophobic. 

When fiction inspires fact: Star Wars style.  

An unusual friendship in the savannah. 

November 2015

Gorgeous sculptures by human and bee

Behold, the mighty waterbear. 

Lest we forget. Canadian doctor Norman Bethune's account of war, written in 1939. 

It breathes! Incredible video of a 'breathing' forest floor. 

Correlation and causation: a very important distinction

Tapeworm's cancer spreads to its host in an incredibly bizarre case

Playing music is deadlifts for your brain. 

October 2015

What Canada's federal election means for scientists. 

Back to the Future: What did the film get right?

A visual tour of the inside of a cell. Mesmerizing. 

Singing slime molds?

Parasitologists awarded the Nobel Prize for their work on roundworm, and malaria. 

Save the parasites!  Conservationists make their case for an often unpopular group of organisms.  

September 2015

Simple solutions to serious problems: how a canopy can save the lives of babies. 

A fascinating look at colour film and skin colour: an intersection of technology and race. 

The price of offspring for some flatworms: injecting your head with sperm.

Happiness: how sweet it is! How our emotions alter taste perception. 

Researchers are able to differentiate stem cells into neurons using light

August 17th -23rd 2015

If you're disillusioned by the recent spate of science-fraud, you should read this

Where to root? A new tool to help with city planning!

August 3rd -August 9th 2015

Gorgeous photos of science in action. 

The most adorable jumping spider you've ever seen. 

VINDICATED. Why I am (and why you might be, if you are a woman) find your officetoo damn cold. 

July 27th-August 2nd 2015

A common bacterium may be the cure to treating white nose fungus in bats. 

An in-depth look at mammals' most short-lived organ: the placenta.

July 20th-26th 2015

How you think may influence your musical tastes.

Incredible video illustrating how Orcas wrangle their breakfast. 

Ancestors of Brazilian natives made the trek from Australia, DNA evidence suggests

July 6th-July 12th 2015

The science of sunscreen!

Why flies are so hard to swat. 

June 29th-July 5th 2015

Are Ebola survivors a (near) cure-all?

The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs. 

Can autism be diagnosed with a smell test?

June 22nd -June 28th 2015

Cybercartography: watch the Atlantic slave trade in 2 minutes. 

Gut bacteria: modifiers of your mood?

June 15th-June 21st 2015

Sitting down brings anxiety levels up, new research finds. 

The science of fatherhood. Happy Father's Day!

Kangaroos: more sinister than you thought. 

June 8th-June 14th 2015

A real Jurassic Park: more than just dinosaurs. 

Ever wonder what the peer review process entails? Here's a glimpse. 

The most delicious cancer test you can take. 

Botany is beautiful

June 1st-June 7th 2015

A plague on your house! Five quarantine islands

An incredible story of how portions of Dr. Livingston's diary came to light, 150 years later. 

May 25th-May 31st 2015

20000 leagues under the skin: The incredible mini origami robot that MIT built. 

The evolution of Wookie language.  

Chocolate: the new way to lose weight? How fraudulent science makes it into the media cycles. 

May 18th-May 24th 2015

Dogs for science!

Beauty, exploitation and hope: an essay on one of the most biodiverse rainforests on earth. 

A beloved creature from my childhood: Cat spiders!

What science can tell us about the life of a young woman, 3500 years ago

May 11th-May 17th 2015

How one little fish is combatting anemia. 

Beyond the bedroom: an unexpected side-effect of viagra.

Who doesn't love a little math with their coffee?

May 4th-May 10th 2015

The science of motherhood. Happy Mother's Day!

Why cats purr. You might be surprised. 

A jaunt across Genghis Khan's empire:  a video interview with adventurer Tim Cope's three year experience. 

April 27th-May 3 2015

Jim Brown, host of CBC's the 180, interviews a woman whose battle with cancer has changed her stance on animal testing. Powerful stuff. 

The latest fashion? Living bug brooches. 

Which bees really need saving? 

April 20-26th 2015

Using tampons to measure water pollution. 

Incredible time lapse of the Northern Lights, by photographer Vincent Brady.

Scientists in an underwater exploration vessel get a visit from a sperm whale, and their reactions are delightful. 

In honour of 4/20, take a look at what the green stuff does to your body. 

What drove animals from the oceans to terra firma? 

Carl Zimmer tackles a whale of a tale, and the science behind it.